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Why Malaysia

Property Purchase in Malaysia

Malaysia has emerged as a prime choice in the global real estate market in recent years and is considered one of the most attractive investment destinations in the world. As the country with one of the most open economic policies in the ASEAN region, Malaysia’s continuous economic growth, social and political stability and being free of natural disasters are factors that warrant the stability of the real estate market.

Inheritance Tax Free

As inheritance tax is not imposed in Malaysia, investors can invest in freehold or 99-years leasehold properties which can be passed down to the future generations.

Government Support

MM2H is a successful programme developed and launched by the Malaysian government. The government continues to manage and develop this programme, ensuring it’s success.

Culture and Language

Malaysia is home to multiple races, mainly the Malays, Chinese and Indians, a land where different cultures and races live harmoniously together.

Recreation and Entertainment

There are many recreation and entertainment spots in Malaysia for the entire family – for example theme parks, forest reserves, water sports and a host of golf courses.

Excellent Education facilities

A wide range of affordable education centres and facilities are available in Malaysia for foreigners, from kindergarten to private colleges and universities.