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About MM2H

The Malaysian Second Home Program, which started in 1996 is a program by the Malaysian government aimed at foreign retirees. Since its inception in 2002, MM2H has successfully attracted many foreigners to live and retire in Malaysia. According to statistics, the program received the largest number of applicants from Chinese citizens, who topped the list for 15 consecutive years. According to data from the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism, as of April 2016, a total of 28,9814 foreigners successfully qualified for the second home program, with the average age of over fifty years old. Not only is the MM2H program is well-known internationally, Malaysia is also selected as one of the best places country in Asia to live and retire in.

Social Entry Pass

The entire family can enjoy 10-year visa-free right of abode with only a single applicant.

Dual Residency

Enjoy residency in both countries while maintaining the citizenship of China.

Freedom to Travel

Enjoy unlimited free access to Malaysia, with unlimited days of stay, with access to fast visa applications to 158 countries.

Financial Benefits

No foreign exchange control. Applicants can own vehicles and properties..

Quality Education

Cost of private education is comparatively lower. Education programs that can be easily integrated into Singapore and European or United States’ education programs are readily available.

Quality Medical Care

The Malaysian government promotes medical tourism services. Mandarin is commonly spoken in Malaysia and medical fees in Malaysia may be up to 75% lower compared to Europe and the United States.

Elite Institutions

Chinese students may return for the overseas students entrance exams after two years of studying abroad and qualify for entrance into elite institutions.