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Impression City

The Meeting Point of Cultures

Impression City is an integrated mixed development which is estimated to be completed in the course of 10 years, with gross development value of RM 5.4 billion, covering 117 acres and only 2.5km away from tourist spots. The 17 acre Impression Melaka theatre which will stage the world-class performance is estimated to draw up to 1.4 billion visitors. Designed as a resort destination in Melaka, Impression City consists of international flagship boutiques and stores, shopping malls, commercial complexes, hotels, serviced apartments, office towers and alfresco blocks.

Located in Kota Laksamana on the coast of the Straits of Malacca, Impression City is a cultural and tourist-centric development in line with the state government’s effort in developing and promoting Melaka as a top tourist destination

Truly unmatchable, Impression city is set to be the ultimate leisure destination in Melaka and the catalyst of growth for the state’s tourism and economy.

Impression City’s zoning is based on elements found in nature.

The Sun: Theatre Zone (Zone 1)
The centre of the solar system and the source of energy, the iconic landmark of Impression Melaka.
Mountains: Retail, Leisure and Entertainment Zone (Zone 1A, 2A, 2C)
A shopping mall with architectural features inspired by terraces, its vast floor space will include retail, dining and entertainment while affording a panoramic view of the Impression Melaka theatre.
The Sky: Residential Zone (Zone 3,4,5,6)
The earth is part of the universe, an element that is elevated on high, symbolizing building towers that soar above.
Land: DIY Experience Centres (Zone 2B)
Land is one of the most primitive resources of mankind, and the foundation of cultural ecosystems that offers infinite possibilities – representing the area for unlocking creativity and relishing cultural experiences.
Plant Life: Institution and Wellness (Zone 7, 11)
Out of a tiny seed, a bud gradually grows into a towering tree. This area is zoned for cultivating human development and healing.
Water: Commercial Zone (Zone 8,9, 10)
Water is one of the most important sources for life, signifying return on investment that will flow to the business and commercial zones of Impression City.